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An organisation’s digital strategy must tie into targets being set, including net zero carbon, pending legislation for high-risk high-rise buildings and planning and delivery efficiency.

Helping local authorities to access the benefits of BIM

Terry Stocks, CDBB

We, as society, policy makers or decision-makers in the built environment have an opportunity to build back better – learning from the past and present.

Digital's role in a sustainable built environment

Four Futures, One Choice

The only way to create a national digital twin is to establish the common frameworks, standards and interfaces to enable component digital twins to be crowd-sourced, and then connected.

Ocado: taking the digital twin to extremes and beyond

Paul Clarke, Ocado

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This is really cool

Gordon Norrie
Balfour Beatty Vinci JV and HS2 use 4D ...

Is the statement BIM adds cost a misnomer? I think not and would question how you can make such a ...

Mark Harrison
The new fire safety digital framework explained

Technology is not always the answer and I believe this project will only prove what we all know, accidents come ...

Digital black box to help improve health and ...

I’m keen to see how the QDR process can dovetail with other document provision within the BIM environment - such ...

Stephen Halstead
The new fire safety digital framework explained

Andy, you are spot on. I now use the term BIM to mean Better Information Management, with the geometric modelling ...

Richard Saxon
Information management: its increasing importance as BIM matures