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Meetings to discuss a BIM execution plan that no one follows, understands, or have read are common. Project leaders and managers say: “We just need to tick the box."

A BIM reality check

Salvador Flores, KMK International

It would be great, if like a smart phone that you update and add apps to with a touch of a button, we could conceive buildings in a similar way.

Can we create buildings to be updated like smart phones?

Neil Pennell, Building Clients Group and Landsec

Even those who see potential benefits are faced with wading through a set of seemingly incomprehensible standards, using terms and abbreviations unknown to anyone other than an elite few.

Why we must take BIM back to basics

Nigel Davies, UK BIM Alliance

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For what its worth:- An industry whose people work with and are measured by documents will struggle to transiton to ...

Tim Aikin
UK BIM Alliance: raising 'awareness of BIM' still ...

Neil, this is surely the direction of travel for Digital Twins in buildings. Is it also possible for the engineering ...

Richard Saxon
Can we create buildings to be updated like ...

What this doesn't cover is how AI & automation will reduce the number of jobs available especially to those who ...

Grenfell, green agenda and covid driving tech use, ...

Forget the acronym and the standards, if you have successfully delivered projects on time, within budget and collaborated across the ...

John Evans
Why we must take BIM back to basics

It’s the blueprint for the self-sufficient eco-development that earns plaudits from urban planners and design gurus alike. But information has ...

Deepak Kumar
Cyber risk: Don’t lose sight of the information